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Why Israel's Neighbors Can't Win

Teaching the book of Obadiah this morning, I was reflecting on the issue of Israel and her neighbors: Jordan, The Palestinian Territories and Lebanon. According to this little book written (likely) sometime in the sixth century B.C. (though some have … Continue reading

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Homeless God: A Reflection from Ezekiel

The God of Israel is not the god of philosophic speculations….a god perfect to reason. He is not a god unfeeling and unmoved. The God of Israel is a god living with His people. Their lot is his lot. It … Continue reading

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The Old Testament for Seventh Graders (in Four Weeks!) 4

Life Under the Covenant – Joshua-Malachi Story: Living in the Land (Joshua-2 Chronicles) – Israel entered the land of eternal promise, but once they were in the land they failed to live according to the covenant.  The LORD rescued them … Continue reading

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The Old Testament for Seventh Graders (in Four Weeks!) 3

The Covenant With Israel – Exodus-Deuteronomy Exodus: God with His People – Israel grew up as slaves in Egypt and Moses was raised up by the LORD to deliver God’s people from Egypt.  God makes His presence known in the … Continue reading

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The Old Testament for Seventh Graders (in Four Weeks!) 2

The Covenant With Abraham – Genesis 11-50 Calling and Covenant – God called Abraham and made a covenant (everlasting promise) with him to make him a blessing to the world in order to rescue the world from its own destruction … Continue reading

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Praying for Palestinians

This is one of the reasons my heart breaks for the Palestinian people.  I pray that there will be peace in Israel and the Palestinian territories.  It is inherently evil what some Israelis have continued to perpetrate against their Palestinian … Continue reading

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2 Kings 14:23-15:38 – Word of the LORD and Fall of the Kings

14:23 – Jeroboam II – son of Jehoash (or Joash). He reigned for 41 years (793-753 BC) over Israel though approximately 11 years were spent as co-regent with his father Jehoash) and did evil in the LORD’s sight (14:24) by … Continue reading

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2 Kings 13-14:22 – “Grace for Israel and Judah?”

(Here is the first of a few personal comments and questions from my Wednesday night Bible study — working through 2 Kings right now — let me know what you think) 13:1 – Jehoahaz – the son of Jehu. He reigned for … Continue reading

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