The Old Testament for Seventh Graders (in Four Weeks!) 2

The Covenant With Abraham – Genesis 11-50
Calling and Covenant – God called Abraham and made a covenant (everlasting promise) with him to make him a blessing to the world in order to rescue the world from its own destruction and death. (Genesis 12:1-3; 15:4-19)  STARS 
Tests: Failures and Faithfulness – Though there were many times where it seemed like the promise of God to Abraham would fail because it seemed impossible, yet God was forever faithful and Abraham had only to remain faithful as well. (Genesis 22:1-18)  ALTAR
Jacob – Abraham’s grandson Jacob attempted to take the promise of blessing that God had given to Jacob, but instead was forced to receive it from God by learning to trust in God himself. (Genesis 27-28)   POT
Covenant Renewal – Jacob, whose name was changed to “Israel,” remembered all that God had done for his family and remade the covenant with God knowing that God would be faithful to complete everything else God had promised (Genesis 35:1-15) STONE
Jacob’s Family in Egypt – Joseph (one of the twelve sons of Israel) was loved by his father and hated by his brothers who sold him as a slave into Egypt where he ended up by the care of God rising to a place of authority, saving his family and the world from destruction. (Genesis 45:4-11) COAT

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