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I am married to an amazing woman: Jenn (Gunderson) and have four incredible children: Bryce (and his wife, Michelle), Abbigail (and her husband, Alek), Cambria, and Zoë.

I am a pastor at heart (having full-time pastored for 22 years in rural ND and MN). I hold a M.Div. Honours (specializing in Old Testament and Theology) Providence University College and Theological Seminary in Otterburne, MB, where I served as a Sessional Instructor in Old Testament. I have been Adjunct Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies at SUM Bible College & Theological Seminary, Horizon College & Seminary, North Central University, and a lecturer in Old Testament at Asia Pacific Theological Seminary. I completed my Ph.D. (Bangor University, Wales) writing in Pentecostal and Biblical Studies (“A Theology of the Spirit in the Former Prophets: A Pentecostal Perspective”). I am currently Associate Professor of Old Testament and Assistant Director of the Accelerated Master’s Program at Assemblies of God Theological Seminary.

I love reading theology and biblical studies: particularly the works of Karl Barth, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, T. F. Torrance, Brevard Childs, Walter Brueggemann, Terence FretheimN. T. Wright, and Amos Yong and (a favorite Church Father) Tertullian. I consider myself to be theologically Reformed and Pentecostal.

I served for five years as the Executive Editor of “The Pentecostal Educator” (an e-journal of the World Alliance for Pentecostal Theological Education), and on the Library and Research Committee of the Society for Pentecostal Studies, along with being a founding member of the Society for Pentecostal Studies Student Caucus. I have written and edited several dozen articles, chapters, and books related to Pentecostal preaching, higher education, theology, pastoral ministry, hermeneutics, and Old Testament.

I love the study of languages and linguistics and hold competency in Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, and Ugaritic.  I have dabbled in Syriac, Farsi, Arabic, Latin, German, and French (all of which I hope to some day gain competency in).  In a related manner, I consider myself an enthusiast of comparative religious and cultural/anthropological/sociological studies (ancient and modern).

The books which have had the most profound impact on me would be Bonhoeffer’s “Discipleship”, “Life Together”, “Ethics”, and “Christ the Center”; Barth’s “Introduction to Evangelical Theology” and “Dogmatics in Outline”, J. Hudson Taylor‘s “Spiritual Secret”, T. F. Torrance “The Christian Doctrine of God”, Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings Trilogy”, “The Hobbit”, and “Silmarillion”.

I am a member of the Canadian Evangelical Theological Association, The Canadian Society of Biblical Studies, Society for Pentecostal Studies, Society of Biblical Literature, Pentecostals and Charismatics for Peace and Justice, Institute for Biblical Research, and International Bonhoeffer Society.

Contact: wadholm@gmail.com

6 Responses to About Me

  1. stephencswan says:

    Hey Rick, I just saw some comments you made today over at TGC. I think we went to seminary together. I have vague memories of an AOG guy I was in Christian Ethics (Dr Holmes) with. Are you him?

    If you are, I hope you are well. If you’re not, I looked at your blog and like the cut of your jib. Many blessings!

    • Hey Stephen! How are you doing? Yes, I am the Rick who was in class with you in Ethics (Chris Holmes). I might just be a Bonhoeffer fanatic and so I was delighted with that course (and Chris’ use of Bonhoeffer overall). What are you up to these days?

      • stephencswan says:

        Hey I loved that class! I love Bonhoeffer too. I’m pastoring in Winnipeg since I graduated. I’ve got two little girls and life is great!

        I’m so pleased to hear of a former classmate still preaching. I’ve glanced at some of your blog and I like the content. You call yourself Reformed Pentecostal. I consider myself Reformed Charismatic. An interesting mix but hopefully fruitful. I’m so glad our paths crossed again, even if it is just in cyber-space.

  2. Are you still getting those expensive haircuts you used to get? 😉 BTW, feel free to shoot me a friend request on FB (Rick Wadholm Jr) or connect through Twitter @rickwadholmjr .

    • stephencswan says:

      I do still enjoy my haircuts! Surprised you remember.

      Hey, you say you sometimes teach at Prov. Ever make it up to Wpg? If you do, and you have time, you should swing by and we can have coffee or lunch!

      • I’ll have to do that. I’m up on Wednesdays (office hours in the morning and lectures in the afternoon followed by a quick return to the US to preach), but I will also be up at least one Tuesday and a Saturday coming up in April.

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