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Let Your Daughters Prophesy: A Call for Women to Preach

I believe part of the issue in our current debates about women preaching is rooted in part in both the Catholic and the Reformed traditions of “preaching” which see such as a specific form of formal congregational instruction that is … Continue reading

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Pentecostal "Schools": Cleveland (!) and Springfield (?)

Recently I was asked the following question via Facebook Messenger (see…Facebook can be useful and constructive): Do you see any differences between the “Springfield school” and “Cleveland School” of Pentecostalism? If so, what do you think they are? My response … Continue reading

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Walter Hollenweger Memoriam

It is with a heavy heart I announce that the Swiss Pentecostal scholar Walter Hollenweger passed away August 10, 2016. His contributions to Pentecostalism are profound. One finds him footnoted throughout Pentecostal journals, theses/dissertations (including my own) and monographs. His … Continue reading

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The Azusa Street Papers

One of my co-workers just found and gave me a copy of The Azusa Street Papers which is a reproduction of the thirteen issues of The Apostolic Faith (1906-1908) published by the Apostolic Faith Mission at Azusa Street (Los Angeles, … Continue reading

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Three Things That Keep Me in My Church Tradition

Rather than simply answer in the comments section to Dan’s post about “What Keeps You In Your Church Tradition?,” I have decided to reply via a post and offer it as my own personal answer (because I have in fact … Continue reading

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Why Am I Still Preaching? A Conversation

Steve Swan (a friend who pastors in Winnipeg) nails it: Why Am I Still Preaching?. I’ve said something similar in a paper I presented for the Society for Pentecostal Studies that has been picked up for an edited volume in … Continue reading

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Am I Really Pentecostal?

Am I  really Pentecostal? I’m thinking of this in several ways because recently I have been attacked by some for (1) being too Pentecostal, and by others for (2) not being Pentecostal enough. So which is it? Or is neither … Continue reading

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Emerging Homiletics

I just realized that while my paper “Emerging Homiletics: A Pentecostal Response” was accepted for presentation at the Society for Pentecostal Studies annual meeting (March 20-22, 2013) in Seattle, WA, I had failed to post it to this blog. So … Continue reading

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