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Let Your Daughters Prophesy: A Call for Women to Preach

I believe part of the issue in our current debates about women preaching is rooted in part in both the Catholic and the Reformed traditions of “preaching” which see such as a specific form of formal congregational instruction that is believed to be excluded by Paul’s instruction to Timothy for women. Setting aside specific engagement… Continue reading Let Your Daughters Prophesy: A Call for Women to Preach

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Pentecostal "Schools": Cleveland (!) and Springfield (?)

Recently I was asked the following question via Facebook Messenger (see…Facebook can be useful and constructive): Do you see any differences between the “Springfield school” and “Cleveland School” of Pentecostalism? If so, what do you think they are? My response to this question is rooted in numerous conversations with several other PhD students writing on… Continue reading Pentecostal "Schools": Cleveland (!) and Springfield (?)

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Walter Hollenweger Memoriam

It is with a heavy heart I announce that the Swiss Pentecostal scholar Walter Hollenweger passed away August 10, 2016. His contributions to Pentecostalism are profound. One finds him footnoted throughout Pentecostal journals, theses/dissertations (including my own) and monographs. His vast publishing contributions fill 47 pages (a complete bibliography up to 2005 can be found… Continue reading Walter Hollenweger Memoriam

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Three Things That Keep Me in My Church Tradition

Rather than simply answer in the comments section to Dan’s post about “What Keeps You In Your Church Tradition?,” I have decided to reply via a post and offer it as my own personal answer (because I have in fact been asked this very question at other times).  I decided three was a rather Biblical… Continue reading Three Things That Keep Me in My Church Tradition