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Leviticus: A Literary Structure

What follows is a brief literary outline of the Book of Leviticus as I understand it: A. Sacrifices/Offerings (ch.1-7)     B. Priestly Ordination (ch.8-10)         C. Clean/Unclean in daily life (ch.11-15)              D. Day of Atonement (ch.16) [1]         C’. Holiness in daily life (ch.17-20)     B’. Holy Orders (ch.21-22) A’. Holy Observances (ch.23-25) Conclusion:… Continue reading Leviticus: A Literary Structure

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The Heart of Leviticus

The enigmatic book of Leviticus is not a first choice for the Church to read or study, yet I’ve been taking my congregation through it (verse-by-verse…believe it or not) for our Wednesday Bible study.  Last night we covered its theological center (or heart) which can be found in chapter 16.  Lev. 16 concerns itself with… Continue reading The Heart of Leviticus

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Esther 3-4 – A Time for Action

3:1-6 – Haman…the Agagite.  Whereas the last we read would have suggested that Mordecai should have been rewarded by the king, we find only the mention of another man who instead receives honors and acclaim from the king…and this man will seek for the destruction not only of Mordecai, but of all the Jews.  Haman… Continue reading Esther 3-4 – A Time for Action

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Susanna and Bel and the Dragon

<!–[if !mso]> st1\:*{behavior:url(#ieooui) } <![endif]–> Neither of these two additions to the Book of Daniel has come down in a Hebrew text, but instead in the Theodotion, LXX and Latin Vulgate recensions.  They were thus never included as part of the accepted text by the wider community of Israel, but were used regularly by the… Continue reading Susanna and Bel and the Dragon

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Daniel 10 – Prepared for the Final Vision

10:1 – The Time and General Content of the Vision.  The third year of Cyrus king of Persia would place this vision in approximately 536-535BC.  This would also suggest that the recently begun work on rebuilding the Temple of the LORD by the returning exiles under the supervision of Ezra had been stopped temporarily by… Continue reading Daniel 10 – Prepared for the Final Vision

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Daniel 9 – The Vision of the Seventy Sevens

9:1-2 – Understanding the date.  This chapter occurs some time after chapter five and perhaps after chapter six.  If this “Darius” the Mede (which seems likely) is “Cyrus” as explained in earlier notes (6:28) then the year would be 538BC and Daniel would be approximately 82 years old.  The NIV has curiously followed the LXX… Continue reading Daniel 9 – The Vision of the Seventy Sevens

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The Old Testament for Seventh Graders (in Four Weeks!) 3

The Covenant With Israel – Exodus-Deuteronomy Exodus: God with His People – Israel grew up as slaves in Egypt and Moses was raised up by the LORD to deliver God’s people from Egypt.  God makes His presence known in the midst of His people in the desert and makes an everlasting covenant with them. (Exodus… Continue reading The Old Testament for Seventh Graders (in Four Weeks!) 3