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Two Literary Women of Pentecost

As I pour over the early Pentecostal periodicals, I am struck that despite the many limitations concerning leadership placed upon women within Pentecostal fellowships, there were numerous women preachers and writers who were making profound impact for the Kingdom. Several women appear throughout these journals: Pandita Ramabai receives mention for her work in India, Maria… Continue reading Two Literary Women of Pentecost

Socratic Club

Counterpoint Series and The Socratic Club

Several other faculty members of Trinity and I started a “Socratic Club” this last year on campus (on the origins of such a group see this short synopsis). We gather every Thursday night and discuss matters primarily biblical, philosophical, literary, and theological. While our Club is not as targeted as the original one of Oxford… Continue reading Counterpoint Series and The Socratic Club

Chiasm · Holiness · Leviticus

Leviticus: A Literary Structure

What follows is a brief literary outline of the Book of Leviticus as I understand it: A. Sacrifices/Offerings (ch.1-7)     B. Priestly Ordination (ch.8-10)         C. Clean/Unclean in daily life (ch.11-15)              D. Day of Atonement (ch.16) [1]         C’. Holiness in daily life (ch.17-20)     B’. Holy Orders (ch.21-22) A’. Holy Observances (ch.23-25) Conclusion:… Continue reading Leviticus: A Literary Structure