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A Funeral Twice Undone: A Short Response

I received a question from a student pertaining to burial practices in light of a strange Elisha tale inserted into 2 Kings 13. I thought perhaps my response might help others to reflect on the cultural and historical differences pertinent … Continue reading

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Elisha and the Double Portion Spirit

For those interested in the topic, I have just uploaded the paper I presented at the 2014 SBL/AAR annual meeting in San Diego, CA as a special session of the Society for Pentecostal Studies. The title is “Elisha and the … Continue reading

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2 Kings 13-14:22 – “Grace for Israel and Judah?”

(Here is the first of a few personal comments and questions from my Wednesday night Bible study — working through 2 Kings right now — let me know what you think) 13:1 – Jehoahaz – the son of Jehu. He reigned for … Continue reading

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