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On Earth As It Is In Heaven: A Brief Theological Reflection

“…on earth as it is in heaven…” While we might consider this from the trajectory of the revelation of the God to Israel preceding Jesus’ statement (which would be a fitting approach), we might also consider this statement as embodied in … Continue reading

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Where He Leads I'll Follow

I never cease being surprised by the many places the Lord will take those who follow his calling. One could never conceive what such a journey might look like. Following Jesus is an adventure. As a newborn I was prayed … Continue reading

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Prayer (Poetics of Meaning) – A Maundy Thursday Devotion

He whom I bow to only knows to whom I bow When I attempt the ineffable name, murmuring Thou; And dream of Pheidian fancies and embrace in heart Meanings, I know, that cannot be the thing thou art. All prayers … Continue reading

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Why Prayer Is Not Important

Once again, our adult Sunday School class was studying prayer in the Scripture this morning and my mind was taken with the many directions of our conversations with the Scripture. But one thing that came to me in all of … Continue reading

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Praying Well

Today in our Adult Sunday School* we were discussing prayer and my mind was taken to how we as the Church might pray well. We seem to have a penchant for and pride in our “free” prayers as Evangelicals (and … Continue reading

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The Discipline of Prayer Retreat

Jesus took his disciples away from the crowds to be alone with them…in prayer and fellowship…and he also went alone to be with His Father. (Luke 9:28; Matthew 14:23) This week I traveled to a neighboring town to spend a … Continue reading

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Asking for Blessing or Giving Thanks?

In a recent conversation, I noted a particular question that was posed about “blessing the food” when we gather to eat. Here are my reflections: We do not ask for the food to be blessed, per se, but we bless … Continue reading

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Prayers and Psalms (for Ash Wednesday)

May the Lord hear our cries! May the Lord grant redemption to the ends of the earth! May every tongue, tribe, people, and nation praise the Lord! He has forgiven us and we are forgiven! He calls to life…and we … Continue reading

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Praying the Imprecatory Psalms

I have found it disturbing (to say the least) that some folks in the U.S. believe that the imprecatory psalms offer a prayer for our current president (from Psalm 109:8).  This is nothing if not disgusting abuse of the Scriptures … Continue reading

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Neighbors Knocking in the Night

This morning Jenn and I were awakened at a quarter to 5 by our doorbell ringing again and again. I quickly (or as quickly as someone with only half their wits about them stumbling in the dark towards the door … Continue reading

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