Why Am I Still Preaching? A Conversation

Why Am I Still Preaching?

Steve Swan (a friend who pastors in Winnipeg) nails it: Why Am I Still Preaching?.
I’ve said something similar in a paper I presented for the Society for Pentecostal Studies that has been picked up for an edited volume in the works on Pentecostal Preaching. You can read the proposal for my contribution HERE (and there is a link there for reading the paper as it was presented: “Emerging Homiletics: A Pentecostal Response”).
I’m with Steve…traditional preaching remains an integral part of the responsibility of the Church. It isn’t the only way for instruction, but it remains one of the essentials of Christian proclamation and community formation.
via Steve Swan.

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    Here’s my old friend and seminary classmate, Rick, trying to start a dialogue about my latest post. I heartily endorse his excellent blog as well.

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