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A Window for Death

 As I prepare for my course on Jeremiah this fall I noticed that the commentaries I was using (Brueggemann, Feinberg, Harrison, Kidner, Lalleman, Wright) were not covering the Ugaritic connection in Jeremiah 9:21 (English versions; vs. 20 in the Hebrew) … Continue reading

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Stories from Ancient Canaan, Second Edition

I had not realized there was an update to the already helpful “Stories from Canaan” by Michael Coogan. This update includes the work of Mark Smith (who has been writing THE critical commentary on the Baal Cycle for well over … Continue reading

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It Is About Time

High noon approaches. Sagebrush tumbles along the alleyway. The streets begin to empty.  Two masters facing one another for the stroke of the hour.  Which will take the day? Of course, I’m talking about two indroductory Ugaritic texts being published … Continue reading

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Geeky Ugaritic Mug

I just HAD to blog about one of the geekiest things I’ve seen (this week).  Boy…I wish I had one :-).  It turns out Eisenbrauns is offering a mug that has the story of ‘Ilu’s drinking party in Ugaritic cuneiform … Continue reading

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Ezekiel 26-28 – A Prophecy Against Tyre

26:1-6 – The date given (while presenting textual difficulties) suggests Feb. 3, 585 BC (Block NICOT II:35).  This would place this prophecy at about the very time that Nebuchadnezzar began his thirteen year siege of Tyre and just one month … Continue reading

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Ezekiel 14 – When Righteousness Saves

14:1-5 – “Some of the elders”. This group represents the rest of the elders who seek the LORD outwardly but are inwardly idolaters. What does it mean when the LORD says He will answer such persons Himself? In what way … Continue reading

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