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Let Women Remain Silent (or Not)

Last week in class we discussed 1 Corinthians 14.33-35. Talk about a controversial text. How does one properly interpret such a passage?  I was asked by a number of friends if I might post my notes on this. Instead of posting notes, here are “points to ponder” in working toward a proper interpretation of this… Continue reading Let Women Remain Silent (or Not)

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Change Is Coming

Today was a tear-filled day as I announced my resignation to Karlstad Assembly of God effective the end of July. I have been asked to join the faculty of Trinity Bible College in Ellendale, ND as Assistant Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies. I will be teaching primarily Old Testament, but also hermeneutics (Biblical interpretation)… Continue reading Change Is Coming

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The Revelation of Yahweh in the Exodus: The Theological Center

I was struck by a re-reading of Exodus recently as I meditated on just what the overarching theology of Exodus might be. The Scripture that struck me most strongly was Exodus 4:22 (NET): Thus says the Lord, ‘Israel is my son, my firstborn…‘ In light of the wider book of the Exodus, one encounters a… Continue reading The Revelation of Yahweh in the Exodus: The Theological Center

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Literature for Ethics and Theology

“Literature is important for ethics because literature is as complicated as life itself, and cannot be decoded or boiled down. Ethical insight comes from reading it–first sequentially and then reflectively–not from trying to extract a ‘message’ from it.”* This is one of the primary problems I have witnessed in folks reading and preaching from the… Continue reading Literature for Ethics and Theology