Change Is Coming

Today was a tear-filled day as I announced my resignation to Karlstad Assembly of God effective the end of July. I have been asked to join the faculty of Trinity Bible College in Ellendale, ND as Assistant Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies. I will be teaching primarily Old Testament, but also hermeneutics (Biblical interpretation) and homiletics (preaching) even while I continue my PhD studies through Bangor University – Wales, UK.
This is an exciting adventure before us, but it is heart-wrenching to leave our church and community that we have grown to love deeply.
There have been many tears shed in our family even as we look with anticipation to what the Lord has for our future. We ask you all to join with us in praying for the Lord’s blessing and care through this transition as we are sent out for new opportunities to be and to make disciples elsewhere.

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17 Responses to Change Is Coming

  1. Dan says:

    What a moment. Congratulations and God’s best!

  2. thebibleprof says:

    Take it from me–teaching OT properly in an A/G school is far from easy!

  3. Barbara Houger says:

    Praying with you in the transition. What a wonderful opportunity to impact many lives!!! I pray that it will be a positive change for each of your children

  4. Benjamin Hart says:

    Congratulations! You’re right–change can be a heart-wrenching process. Praying for you and your family in the days ahead.

  5. Garry Truman says:

    Condolences and congratulations! Unfortunately all transitions are bitter sweet with an ending and a beginning. Praying your familty loves the adventure and feels the same excitement you feel. You will be an excellent professor!

  6. Jenny & Dave Janssen says:

    God’s richest blessings to you! What a wonderful opportunity, but so sad to see you go. I think your kids are every bit as much grandkids to Paul & Shirley as our two are. Your family has been such a blessing, and we know you will continue to be a blessing wherever God places you. You are going to make a wonderful professor!

  7. I was not in your church, but I enjoyed the one OT class I took with you at Providence. Best of luck

  8. Congratiulations, Rick. I will try not to envy you. May God richly bless you and Trinity in the upcoming years.

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