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Preaching Christ and Helping Marriages

Marriage seminars and sermon series are all the rage. Churches seem to offer a regular smorgasbord of options intended to strengthen the family, but are we doing what we were intended to do? Is it the local church’s responsibility to … Continue reading

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Cultivating Pastoral Friendships

I have discovered that several things seem incredibly important for church and pastoral health…developing relationships with those outside your church. Several things which I’ve seen bear fruit in my own life and ministry might be of help to others.  The … Continue reading

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More on Rural Churches

“Think Theology” has offered another thought provoking post on what is involved in rural pastoral work.  Specifically, Pastor Able Baker (in BC) has mentioned four things imperative (to my estimation) for successful rural pastoral ministry (HERE). The only thing I … Continue reading

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A Church I Can Believe In

A major issue in our western consumerist culture is that consumerist concerns are immediately applied to the way Church is viewed and practiced.  What can be offered for me?  What do I gain by being a part of this congregation?  … Continue reading

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A Dirty Secret About Me

Here it is… Wait for it… I LOVE pastoring and I love my congregation and I love my community!  Okay.  So that isn’t “dirty,” nor a “secret,” but it is about me. 🙂  I have found too often when speaking … Continue reading

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The Suffering Pastor

No thanks, Matthew Mason.  I don’t want to “fill up what is lacking in the sufferings of Christ” (Col. 1:24).  I want my best life now. (Crying like a baby) Er…I guess actually I don’t.  What I really want is … Continue reading

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Pastoring Your Spouse

It is always a difficult thing to be your family’s only pastor. As if it weren’t difficult enough in relation to your children, you also are given the care of your spouse. In this regard, my wife is gone for … Continue reading

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The Discipline of Prayer Retreat

Jesus took his disciples away from the crowds to be alone with them…in prayer and fellowship…and he also went alone to be with His Father. (Luke 9:28; Matthew 14:23) This week I traveled to a neighboring town to spend a … Continue reading

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Resurrection of a Blog

Perhaps this is a bit selfish of me, but I am resurrecting posts to this blog over the next few weeks that were from another blog. I just realized that I was potentially losing a number of blog posts from … Continue reading

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Leonard Sweet on Ministerial Training

Reading a student’s paper tonight, I was struck by a statement Leonard Sweet (always thoughtful and provocative) made about the potential that we (particularly ministerial training institutions) might be training pastors for a ministry that no longer exists… Continue reading

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