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Resurrection of a Blog

Perhaps this is a bit selfish of me, but I am resurrecting posts to this blog over the next few weeks that were from another blog. I just realized that I was potentially losing a number of blog posts from … Continue reading

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Kids and Blogging

You know that blogging is making an impact on culture when the PBS animated series Arthur has an episode COMPLETELY about blogging (it aired April 25, 2011)! The gist of the episode is that one character (Muffy) goes on vacation … Continue reading

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Another Blog Is Born

With all my new-found free-time (read with sarcasm) since graduation…I have started a new blogging venture with several fellow pastors.  The blog is titled: “Blue Chip Pastors” (you’ll have to check out the blog to discover the reason for the … Continue reading

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A New Blogging Adventure

I am now into a new blogging adventure. Yes…you did read that correctly.  I’m now on a third blog besides here and over at I Heart Barth (discussing theology and theologians).  Now I’m also blogging at the forum moderator … Continue reading

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My Favorite Blogs

I just thought I’d take a moment to share some of my favorite blogs.  I read quite a few (some have quit blogging of late that I still follow…which is just as well, because it gives me less to follow) … Continue reading

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