Kids and Blogging

You know that blogging is making an impact on culture when the PBS animated series Arthur has an episode COMPLETELY about blogging (it aired April 25, 2011)! The gist of the episode is that one character (Muffy) goes on vacation and spends it all blogging about the trip. This frenzied fascination with blogging (and the addiction of having readers) drives her to eventually blog about friends and offer fair that creates lots of drama…and thus increases web-traffic to her blog.  And so I thought I should blog about it as my children are watching the episode. 😉
Actually, it reminded me of a couple of things: (1) a professor of mine once said, “Your thoughts are your own until you write them down”; and (2) sometimes blogging can be quite cathartic (or is that narcissistic…I’ll let you decide). So here’s the episode on Youtube:

If only my blogging could be as prolific as Muffy’s! 🙂

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