On Being A False Teacher

Carl Trueman has written a wonderful piece on “being a false teacher” (over at Reformation 21) and the benefits of ordination as a guard against such (not as an absolute guard, but as a guard to be sure).  What is wonderful about this piece is his notion of responsibility to and for the Church that is something which the electronic age has simply continued to facilitate more and more folks being utterly ‘free’ of such notions.  In our context, most would rather ‘do’ church on their own rather than choose to submit to any authority.  Ordination is one form of submission (albeit one with many of its own dangers) which is intended as a guard against becoming a false teacher.  It allows for recourse and action to call teachers to account for the actions and their instruction.  This is something which the electronic age, in particular, seems short on.  Good words Carl…good words indeed.

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