N. T. Wright's Justification and the Cry of the Spirit

I finally finished my paper for the Society for Pentecostal Studies meeting in March on N. T. Wright’s view of justification.  If you are interested in reading it you can do so over on my Scribd page HERE or following the link through my “Writings” page (the footnotes are a bit goofy due to Scribd’s manner of formatting, but can be followed despite this).  This paper is supposed to eventually go to print (sometime this year) as part of an edited volume of the five papers that will be presented as a part of the N T Wright panel on justification (though I still don’t know the details of this edited volume).  Here’s the lineup for Memphis’s presentations and the title/s:

Pentecostal Responses to N.T. Wright

Jenny Everts, Hope College, Chair

Glen Menzies, North Central University, Presenter
“Vocations of Israel and Israel‘s Messiah”

Joonho Yoon, Drew University, Presenter 
 “By Faith in Work or by Work in Faith?: Rahab‘s Justification from the Perspective of Neither New or Old”

Christopher Green, Oral Roberts University, Presenter
“Who Do I Say I Am?: A Pentecostal Response to N.T. Wright‘s Proposals on Jesus‘ Messianic Self-Understanding”

Rick Wadholm, Providence Theological Seminary, Presenter
“N.T. Wright’s Justification and the Cry of the Spirit”

Frank D. Macchia, Vanguard University, Presenter
“The Church and the Economy of Salvation: An Interaction with N.T. Wright‘s Theology of Justification by Faith”

I’d love to know what anyone thinks of my paper.  :-).

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