The Best of the Best at W. W. of W.

So running the stats for the W.onderful W.orld of W.adholms blog its fascinating to see just which posts have received the most hits, which countries follow my posts the most closely and other such totally irrelevant data (but fun new year type stuff).  So here it is:

The top 4 posts from my readership of 2010 according to Blogger stats (as far as hits and not necessarily as far as what was posted in 2010):
#4 – The Church and Same Sex Attraction (always bound to be a winner with search engines ;-).
#3 – Ezekiel 37-Sticks and Bones (who doesn’t like dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones).
#2 – 2 Kings 13-14:22-Grace and Peace for Israel and Judah? (the first of my blogging the Bible study series)
#1 – Maacah the “mother” of Abijah and Asa (now doesn’t that sound like an exciting read :-).

I was fascinated to find that after the U.S. and Canada (#1 and 2 for readership) that Russia was ahead of the UK for reading this blog.  Apparently the Russkies like me (?) with a tight following for fifth between the Aussies and French (I’m cheering for my friends down-under).

If I was to actually name my favorite blog posts of 2010 they might be as follows (is there something inherently wrong with naming your own favorites???):

#4 –  Why I’m Done With the Christian Life
#3 –  10 Reasons I Shouldn’t Embrace Jesus (But Still Do)
#2 –  Shadow and Light
#1 –  Ode to Artie (2010 has been a year of deaths of many that I’ve loved.  This ode was to my wife’s grandfather early in the year before the many others who would follow him including his own beloved wife and my own grandmother just this last week…so I include this one as an ode to others as well whom I’ve loved and lost for now).

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