Confessions of a Book Fiend

This cartoon is courtesy of Incidental Comics

This comic is to all my bibliophile friends out there…you know who you are…because your READING a BLOG for goodness sake (which means you probably have scattered and/or stacked books around you as you read this…trying to justify your reasons for NOT fitting the overly realistic morbid caricature of this cartoon)!  Some illustrations are just a little too close to home!  I sure hope my wife doesn’t read this blog post ;-).

0 thoughts on “Confessions of a Book Fiend

  1. Too late….I read it. :DAnd you are VERY RIGHT–a little too close to home. I do promise, however, to not attack you with a knife from behind. I will come up with something far more clever than that. 😉

  2. I guess that's the price I'll have to pay for a wife who reads voraciously herself (especially historical fictions where who knows what kind of craziness goes on among those Amish/WW2/Settler kinds of character novels 😉 ). Perhaps if I had secretly worked this post into something about Hebrew discourse analysis…hmmm…now there's a thought…

  3. you mean there are others out there?my favorite quote is by Erasmus … "if I get money I buy books, if there is any left over I buy food" … now there is a man after my own heartDinah

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