Reflections on the Old Testament

If you haven’t read them already (and chances are that you haven’t since I’ve just posted the last two within the last  couple of days) and have an interest in Old Testament studies…I’ve posted some of my own reflections on the Old Testament over at my Scribd account.  You can find them through my Writings tab HERE (as well as a few of the other things I’ve written).  I’ve posted four different papers on the OT (hopefully worth a read):

Formation of Canonical Texts: The Question of the “Original” Text of the Old Testament 

Formation of the Old Testament Canon or The Formation of a Community

A Midrashic History of the (Hebrew and Greek) Old Testament Text 

Reflections Towards an Interpretation of the Old Testament 

While these were done for assignments in a course on OT Text and Interpretation…I would still appreciate any feedback or critique you have.  I’m always game for improving what I’ve written and working through my understanding.  Hopefully they are worth the read….if not you can let me know that too…but do let me know gently… :-).

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