Can I stay for lunch?

Abbi started preschool yesterday! Can you believe it? She is getting so big. She goes for the mornings twice a week. When I went to pick her up she didn’t want to leave. That’s a great sign that she had a good first day. In fact, “can I stay for lunch, too?” and “why does Bryce get to stay longer?” were the first things she said. She just loved school. There is a total of 5 girls and 10 boys this year. Since it is only preschool, I’m sure there are probably a few more that will join the class for kindergarten next year, plus a few will leave to go to the Christian school. All those boys…that’s gonna be one busy class. At least Abbi is used to playing with Bryce (and we all know he is several boys rolled into one body–ha ha).

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