Steps and Bugs

Well it looks like Cambria has mastered a new feat. I was upstairs and Rick and Cambria were downstairs when I heard a little noise on the steps. I look down the stairs and lo and behold there was little Cambria half way up the steps. As you can imagine my heart went into my stomach! She should be too little to be doing that yet.
And that bug just won’t go away! First Bryce contracted the bug at school (as well as most of the rest of his class–one day they were missing 1/3 of the class to this bug). Then on to Cambria it went (and the runny nose has not stopped yet). Well, Abbi decided she didn’t want to be left out, so she got it next. And as you can see, she loves it a lot!! Now it’s my turn! Yeah! :0) Rick, so far, is the very fortunate one to be left alone. Bugs….’sigh’, I guess it is truly winter.

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