Duluth–here we come…again!

We had a fun weekend get-a-way. Although it was way over in Duluth (which we were just at a couple of weeks ago), it was fun to get out of town. On Thursday, we took off–stopping in Thief River Falls on the way for Cambria’s one year check up (hey, when you live far away from everything, you are somewhat forced to multitask on trips). Then two days of swimming in the pool with three kids. It actually was fun! Bryce is big enough to swim on his own, and Cambria is little enough to be completely satisfied sitting in her swim toy for two hours straight. Abbi was the only one who had to cling to mommy the whole time. She is our timid one (the nice way of saying she FREAKS out with anything new or things she’s just not used to). Rick had a great time at his conference (EMS– the reason we went away). He got to be a part of a cadaver lab. It was even hands-on, which although sounds a little morbid, was actually fun (according to Rick). And now that we are home all the kids are sick with colds. Yay!!

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