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How NOT to Interpret the OT Law

The Resurgence has posted The Beginner’s Guide to Interpreting Old Testament Law and offered the commonly received Reformed categorization of the Torah as ceremonial, civil and moral. The problem is that this is an external distinction not found in the … Continue reading

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The Ambiguity of Wisdom

The wisdom of Solomon (not meaning, the ancient book by that name) is something of an ambiguity. And perhaps that is the nature of wisdom, recognizing ambiguities and trying to steer the right course. Take another look at the all-too-familiar … Continue reading

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Re-Thinking the Ten Commandments

So I’ve been rethinking the “ten commandments” (or, better, according to the Hebrew the “decalogue” or “ten words” עֲשֶׂ֖רֶת הַדְּבָרִֽים).  There is often discussion in our western context that suggests that the Decalogue belongs in the public sphere (just think … Continue reading

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