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Greek Manuscripts, Mark 1 and Nomina Sacra

I offer the following brief look at a facsimile of one early Greek manuscript of the New Testament which I use in my Hermeneutics course to speak to both the original manuscripts and to utilizing our translations more effectively. The … Continue reading

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The Number of the Beast and Wild Claims

A friend recently posted a video that makes claims concerning the “number of the beast” in Revelation 13:18 (it can be viewed HERE) . I found the following graphic posted on Facebook of Walid’s claims about the symbols/words written in … Continue reading

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Advice from Miles Van Pelt

There was a helpful little video and blog post recently on where Miles Van Pelt (author of Basics of Biblical Aramaic and co-author of Basics of Biblical Hebrew) offers several bits of advice to language learning. He reminds students … Continue reading

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Something Weird in the NIV Tradition

Today in church a verse was mentioned in connection with my church’s name “New Life”. The passage, Acts 5.20, was read in NIV1984 (and posted on the screen) and I turned to it in my Greek NT. To my surprise … Continue reading

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Points of Interest

I thought today I would just post about a couple of things which interested me: (1) Apparently Hendrickson Publishers has just released the fascicle of Biblia Hebraica Quinta: Judges.  I still need to start ordering my copies of BHQ, but … Continue reading

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"Fourteen" Generations?

This week I preached from Matthew 1:1-17 on the genealogy of Jesus.  Talk about a fun text!  Needless to say, one of the elements of this text that is troubling (at a certain level) is the emphasis by Matthew on … Continue reading

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Another Post On Learning Biblical Languages

Elizabeth Groves (a recently hired Lecturer of Old Testament and Professor at Westminster Theological Seminary) posted several practical presentations on why we should take the time to learn Biblcal languages.  I enjoyed them (but then again I love learning languages…as painful … Continue reading

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Why Are You Learning Greek and Hebrew?

I’ve been asked this question numerous times (by some family, friends and my church), “Why would you want to learn Hebrew/Greek?” There have of course been times I’ve wondered the very same thing. It’s hard work that requires tremendous amounts … Continue reading

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