What Defines Us?

BoxIn a recent conversation with Andrea Wheeldon (a PAOC minister and friend, and staff member at Providence Theological Seminary), we were discussing what we are known by as the local church.  There are many who have identified themselves by their stance AGAINST certain hot-topic issues (like homosexuality, abortion, etc.).  But is this what should define us?  Then today I read Andrea’s blog on being “outside the box” (a REALLY great post if you ask me) and was reminded again that we cannot simply define ourselves by what we are against or not.  How about we define ourselves by what we are?
Have we fallen into the trap of allowing other things to define us than the God who conforms us to His image?  For example, are we against homosexuality, or are we for whole, reconciling, godly relationships because we have been reconciled to God in Christ and are being renewed by God’s own Spirit?  I thought it was good food for thought.  (Thanks Adrea!)
Originally published at Bluechippastor.org on August 1, 2012

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