Enjoying Worship

GivingThis evening as I was preparing for my Bible Study group, when I happened upon a quote by G. H. Mallone (Furnace of Renewal: A Vision for the Church, Downers Grove: InterVarsity, 1981, pp.51-52) concerning the oft heard question, “Did you enjoy the worship service today?”  His well worded reply to the apparently self-serving orientation of such a question was, “Whether we enjoy it or not, are comfortable or not, are built up or not, none of these areas is a sufficient criterion for measuring worship.  Rather, the test of any worship should be, ‘What did God receive from it? What did I put into it? Did God enjoy the worship? Was he pleased by the sacrifice of our praise and our service? Or was he discontent because our wills, emotions and intellects were disengaged in the process?'”
[originally published on bluechippastor.org May 15, 2012]

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