Hebraizing Students

MashalThe results of my Hebraic influence on students is beginning to show as seen in the following proverb from one of them written in ancient Near Eastern fashion to me:

“There are three things that trouble me,
four that disturb:
the teacher, joyously inflicting harm,
the paper, unrelenting in difficulty,
the class hour, extending past its due,
and the student, refusing to learn.”

A proverb of wisdom indeed! And this is one of the fun things about opening up the ancient forms of our Scriptures for others to enjoy. He did ask me if this could be counted as a contemporary cognate proverb. No.
But here are a few parallel passages from Wisdom/Instruction of Amenemope (an ancient Egyptian wisdom text) and the book of Proverbs (just for fun):

ANE Parallel

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