I've Moved!

No, I haven’t moved away from Karlstad, MN, but I have moved my blog from wadholm.blogspot.com to rickwadholmjr.wordpress.com (apparently the plain old “wadholm” link was already reserved for someone else) .  WordPress offers a far more user-friendly interface for both bloggers and commenters.  As I already blog at two other wordpress blogs, I figured this was the logical move (thanks Brian Fulthorp for the push to just make the move 🙂 ).  So don’t forget to change your RSS and email feeds to my new location…or not (if you are done following my blogging adventures and you want your chance for a clean break).

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    Hello all! We have new WordPress convert!! Rick is a good guy, a good small church pastor and strong biblical exegete! Add him to your blogroll and or RSS feeds! Good job Rick!

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