To Write or Not To Write

I have officially finished my final edits for my Master’s thesis (unless of course I suddenly find some more mistakes).  And so…I will finally be printing off my copies this week for the LONG process of signatures, cataloging and binding.  Perhaps I’ll see it again by early Fall (Lord willing!).  Anyways, if you ever wonder, “What is the point of writing a Master’s thesis?” (which I have asked more times than I care to remember over the last several years while I worked on mine) I just happened upon a great blog post by Dr. John Stackhouse of Regent College that answers that question in a harsh, but honestly helpful manner.  So what are your thoughts on a Master’s thesis?

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  1. Very good thoughts by Dr. Stackhouse.So, what was your thesis?

  2. My thesis was titled: "The Theological Meaning and Significance of Yom in Genesis One." I have to say it has become one of the more formative "classes" I've taken as it has involved a tremendous amount of time researching and writing, and researching and rewriting over the last number of years. There is more I would have liked to have done with it, but at some point I just needed to be done. Which, as I am told, is true of any writing. It grew me in ways I had not imagined as I was persistently required to contemplate a single topic in such detail. I for one am happy to have done it, despite the numerous folks early in my Master's education who said "good luck" about actually staying in that particular program and actually finishing it (including particularly the thesis).

  3. Rick, I have looked briefly into that subject. I actually started doing a catalog of all of the times yom is used in the Old Testament and was going to examine each passage. Then, it would also have been useful to examine it in extrabiblical writings, etc.I decided to put that off, for the moment. I now remember you mentioning this as your thesis.Would it be possible to see a copy of it? I wouldn't quote or use it in any way without permission. Of course, if you would rather not, that's fine as well. 🙂 Doing the research yourself gives an understanding that cannot be equalled by merely reading someone else's work. I just don't have time or the resources to do the research myself right now.

  4. Shoot me an email using my email link on the right and I'll reply with a Word document of it…if that works for you.

  5. Rick,Thanks! I just sent the email.Rob

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