Another Bonhoeffer Volume Is Published

IT’S HERE!!!  The eleventh volume of the sixteen volume Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works in English: Ecumenical, Academic and Pastoral Work: 1931-1932.  I was overjoyed to find my copy on my front doorstep this afternoon.  There now remains only one more volume (number 14) to be published before the series is complete.

Volume 11 in the sixteen-volume Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works English Edition, Ecumenical, Academic, and Pastoral Work: 1931-1932, provides a comprehensive translation of Bonhoeffer’s important writings from 1931 to 1932, with extensive commentary about their historical context and theological significance. This volume covers the significant period of Bonhoeffer’s entry into the international ecumenical world and the final months before the beginning of the National Socialist dictatorship. It begins with Bonhoeffer’s return to Berlin in June 1931 after his year of study in the United States. In the crucial period that followed, Bonhoeffer continued his preparations for the ministry, began teaching at Berlin University, and became active at international ecumenical meetings. His letters and lectures, however, also document the economic and political turbulence on the European and world stage, and Bonhoeffer directly addresses the growing threat of the Nazi movement and what it portends not only for Germany, but for the world. Several of the documents in this volume, particularly the student notes of his university lecture on “The Nature of the Church” and his lectures on Christian ethics, give important insights into his theology at this point. His ecumenical lectures and reports are significant documents for understanding the ecumenical debates of this period. 

I did note that Fortress Press is now offering all of the published volumes as a set for only $400 (which is a STEAL).

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  1. Marc says:

    Shoot! Too late! I just ordered NIDOTTE and a used copy of "Little Kittel" with my grad gift money. (Although those were good purchases, too.)

  2. Indeed they are Marc. I bought NIDOTTE last year and use it very regularly. I used to own Little Kittel, but gave it away once I received the complete TDNT set a few years back. Although, I've considered purchasing another copy, because it is nice how condensed and accessible Little Kittel is by comparison.

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