Worship of the Living and the Dead

Strange are the self-worshipers, since they worship carrion.

(Spiritual Sayings of Kahlil Gibran pg. 53)

Oh, that we would recognize our death, as the very dry bones filling the valley of Ezekiel’s vision (Eze.37)!  Our sins have slain us and we are destroyed.  We lay scattered in all our macabre regalia…kings and paupers, priests and prophets, farmers and soldiers, clergy and laity.  How will we ever be saved if we cannot even cry out for lack of flesh for our dry bones, lack of breath to cry out to the only One who could answer?  Where is that one who will speak to the valley of dry bones and prophesy that we might be clothed with flesh and flesh clothed with skin?  Where, again, is that breath from the Living LORD that will blow and fill that valley and fill that mighty army to live as we were created to?  May the Spirit of Life speak through His people and give life to all who hear and may these dry, dry bones live and be made flesh and be filled with the breath of life!  And may we truly worship the Lord and Giver of Life and not the dry, dry bones….

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