One More for Bonhoeffer

I have waited a long time for Bonhoeffer’s Fiction from Tegel Prison to be released in the critical edition by Augsburg Fortress. It is finally being published this Wednesday (and will hopefully arrive by then). It is something quite striking to consider reading the fiction of a man of tremendous faith living on death row and not knowing what the outcome of his prison life will lead to.

As I understand it Dietrich was never fully satisfied with these fictional writings (which in part are about his own life, but fictionalized), but they still offer another insight into the man behind them.  I’m looking forward to some new Bonhoeffer reading……

As an aside, what type of book (or genre) would you most likely write if facing the  uncertainty of another day in prison (or an endless stream of days)?  I personally think it likely I would once again take up poetry and more meditative/devotional writing.

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