10 Reasons I Shouldn't Embrace Jesus (but still do)

1) Jesus is too Jewish.
2) Jesus doesn’t play well with others.
3) Jesus loves people that I don’t want to and believes they are worth my loving.
4) Jesus commands things I don’t want to do.
5) Jesus never answers questions according to how they are asked.
6) Jesus seems to think (as a first century man in an obscure insignificant kingdom) that he lays claim to everything that is, ever was and ever will be.
7) Jesus believes that he alone is the way to God.
8) Jesus believes he has a peculiarly intimate relationship with God that the rest of us don’t have.
9) Jesus believes he is returning to the earth some day to carry out judgment of the righteous and wicked.
10) Jesus makes me uncomfortable and unsettled.

(Please read the forgoing as recognizing both my sarcasm and also the difficulty of actually believing on one who so thoroughly challenges all my presuppositions and sensibilities. All that being said…the reason I actually embrace Jesus is only because he embraces me).

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