Year in Review

2009 was a particularly memorable year for me. The following is not really arranged in any particular order (other than how things come to mind for me):

I broke my first bone EVER — it was my nose (and I did it by punching MYSELF in the face even).

I’ve had multiple surgeries to try to ‘fix’ my pain problem that has persisted now for nearly 5 months. In the course of pain I’ve been inundated by the love and compassion of my church family and friends.

I shared preaching/teaching on “Last Things” in a 7 week long series with a Baptist pastor friend (thanks Dave!).

I took a fishing trip to West Virginia with my Dad, Father-in-Law and brothers-in-law that involved 24 hours straight for driving there and another for coming back and LOTS of ‘feeding’ the multitudes of river trout that we watched meandering around.

I started work on yet another ‘dead’ language…Ugaritic (as if Jenn could handle me working on yet another one :-).

I crossed the half-way mark for finishing my Master of Divinity (63 credits as of the end of 2009) and officially started work on my thesis (I can almost see “the end”…or should I say the beginning of Ph.D. work???).

I took my family (wife and four kids) on a three week driving vacation (longest vacation time ever and also the most relaxing and fun ever) to Myrtle Beach, Washington, D.C. and NYC (as well as spending many fun-filled days with family and friends — both old and new — all across this great land of ours)…WOW…Minnesota (especially where we live in NW Minnesota) is a LONG ways from anywhere.

Looking forward to whatever 2010 holds for the Wadholm clan! The Lord is Good!

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