Bryce turned 9!!

As usual (just the way our summers go), Bryce got to celebrate his birthday twice (or was it 3 times?). We celebrated early by a few days because he was going to be at camp for his actual day. While we were at the cabin at Lake Geneva, we had the first party. Grandpa and Grandma Gunderson, Gavin and Keiran got to celebrate with us, which was a lot of fun. Bryce got a new fishing pole from G&G and got to try it out that day. He picked his cake and chose to have Carrot cake (I know–what 9 yr old picks that?). I don’t have pictures of our first party (don’t even get me started on our camera woes!!)

His second celebration was at camp (his second year of going to Kids Camp). His cousin Jonathan (with the help of Auntie Bev, from what I understand) threw him a pizza party! How sweet, huh?

And lastly, as we Gunderson’s (or a group of us at least) gathered together in August, we celebrated the cousin’s birthdays: Bryce, Brianna, and Sarah. We all had ice cream cups–yummy! And Bryce even got a tackle box to go with his fishing pole! Yay!!

So another year has come and gone…and my first baby is now 9. sigh….so sad!

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