It's a GIRL

We had our ultrasound yesterday, and much to our surprise, we found out that this little one is a girl. Why a surprise? Well, my gut instinct (which has been right with the other three) was saying “boy” all along. I guess I shouldn’t always trust my gut! haha Actually, all of us thought it was going to be a boy. And when we told the kids the news, Abbi says, “What? I thought God was going to give us a boy?…or twins!” LOL!!! Nope!

I do find it very weird to be sharing this news with everyone already. With both Bryce and Abbi we DID find out, but kept it a secret. And with Cambria we didn’t even find out. So it is rather weird to be talking about our little girl already!

We are very excited…and I guess now we need to start thinking of names! 🙂

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