Cambria cuts her hair

This actually happened sometime in February (I can’t even remember exactly when now), but Cambria decided it was time for a hair cut. I thought she was being a good girl and washing her hands after using the bathroom (thus the reason she was in the bathroom so long), but I was sadly mistaken when she came out with one hand behind her back and proudly proclaiming, “Look what I did!” Oh she was so pleased with herself. Before I even looked at her hair, I had her show me her hand–so she pulled it out and sure enough, it was full of hair. THEN I looked up and saw that she had chopped a nice chunk off the front. Oh dear! I kind of “fixed it.”

These pictures don’t even show how good of a job she did since I took them after I “fixed” the botched job. But now she has nice, short bangs!

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