Jenn and the girls made a trip out to MT a couple of weeks ago to help her sister, Heidi out. Heidi was possibly having her baby and needed a little help with all the kids. First we went and stayed at a hotel (at that time she was advised to not leave town as the baby could possibly come in the next 24 hours), but after the baby decided it was NOT going to come, we went out to her house. Here are the kids having a sleep-over on the hotel floor.
Several trips to the hospital later, and still that baby decided it was NOT time. So we made good use of our time in waiting and enjoyed the nice summer weather. The kids had so much fun driving around on the ‘gator’. Here is Abbi and Cambria taking a turn.
After a little over a week, it was time to head back home (still no baby…). We were really disappointed that we couldn’t help out more, but it was still lots of fun to go visit Heidi, Eddy, Elizabeth, Erin, Hailey, and Ricky. But before we went, Cambria and Ricky thought they would be sneaky and get into the container of mandarin oranges–CAUGHT!!
Baby–are you coming? We’re waiting….

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