Family Fun

What a fun time we had at the Gunderson house. There was a mostly full house (we were missing Jenn’s sisters, Heidi and Amanda, and their families). We started the week with a trip to the Emergency Room (a pretty common occurrence for at least one of us when we are home). This time it was Cambria. She got her finger caught in a bike chain, but thankfully she had no broken bones or stitches.
Our niece Sarah had a “princess” birthday party–Happy Birthday! She’s now 6 and going into first grade.We also had a baby shower for Jenn’s sister-in-law, Amber–she is due in Nov. Usually we do baby showers after the baby is born, but with most of us home, we had to take the opportunity! We had a fun girls night out (okay, it was coffee and pie–but so much fun with no kids).
Jenn’s little sister Amber also came home with some exciting news–she’s getting married in December! Yay! We are so happy for her! ;0) Christmas is usually crazy at the Gunderson house, but this year I think it will top all other Christmases! We Wadholm’s thrive on crazy, so this is right up our ally–ha ha!

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