MN camp

We are back from MN family camp, and we had a blast. Even though it was “family” camp, we were split up for much of the time. For two of the services, Jenn worked in the infant (up to 20 months) nursery. Let me remind you what it’s like when it’s past all of these kids’ bedtimes and they’ve been going, going, going all day long–now put together about 15 of these kids with 2 nursery workers (and two kid “helpers”) and you can imagine how exciting that was! :o)
Abbi went off to preschool class and loved the puppets! Bryce went to kids church where he learned a new song. The words that he learned were, “Jesus your my superhero, your my star, my best friend…”. Now repeat that over and over and over (since those are the only words from the song he remembered) and you can just imagine how lovely our drive back from camp was! :0) Cambria was in the nursery and Rick got to sit and enjoy some great preaching. He even got to hear Damian (Kristan -Torgerson’s- husband) for an afternoon service. We are tired out from all the fun, just in time to head off for FaHoCha camp tomorrow! Yeah!

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