Josh gets hitched

We just returned from a wonderful wedding–Jenn’s brother Josh just tied the knot with his sweetheart Cindy! Congratulations to you! This picture, unfortunately, is one of the only pictures we got of both Josh and Cindy together. No pictures were taken by Jenn during the wedding since Rick was a groomsman (therefore leaving the children in her care). Abbi was a beautiful flower girl, and she did a great job. The ring bearer saw it as his duty to “help” Abbi distribute the flower petals down the aisle. When they were confined between the pews, this worked out okay. However, as soon as there was open space, Abbi began to move to the left to get away from the ring bearer’s grasps, to which the row of petals wasn’t such a straight line anymore, but moved quite a bit over to the bridesmaid’s side. Oh well, the wedding was still a hit!

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