Happy Birthday Cambria

On January 6th, Cambria turned 1. It’s so hard to believe it has been one year since she was born. We had a little family party, and of course Cambria had her first birthday cake (well, her own first birthday cake, anyway). She made sure to smear the pretty pink frosting all over her face and into her hair. Unfortunately we only got that on video camera.
We have been busy this last week, which is why we are a week off on our blog. Last Saturday we had our church board over for our belated Christmas party–lots of fun. On Sunday we had our church sectional fellowship meeting in Bagley. Then on Monday-Wednesday we were off to Duluth for our Minister/Spouse Seminar. And thank goodness the kids have such a wonderful grandma (Carol) to come “play” with them for the days we were gone! :0) Thanks Grandma!!!

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