Happy New Year!!

Well we definitely ended 2005 with a big bang. So many things happened this past week. Jenn’s dad said, “Most people would be thrilled to just experience one of these during a holiday!” On December 26th, Jenn’s sister, Heather, had her baby–a little baby boy, Michael David. Yay! Cambria also started to walk that day. Wednesday the 28th, Jenn’s brother, Jordan, got engaged to his sweetheart, Amber Rose. Then on Saturday the 31st, Jenn’s brother, Josh, got engaged to his sweetie, Cindy. What an exciting end to such a fun Christmas break. We had a great time with Rick’s family right before Christmas with his sister Holly and two boys, and his sister Racinda and husband, Clark, who have just moved back to the US after being in Japan for the last two years. (plus all the other Wadholm’s of course–except for Bob, Grace, and Emily who were unable to come home this year) Right after Christmas we went to Jenn’s family’s house. Not only did all the exciting things listed above happen, but we also got a surprise visit from Jenn’s sister Amanda and her husband Jor-El. They drove straight up from Albuquerque unbeknownst to the rest of us. And now we are in our own home, ready to get back into our routines, and ready to start out this new year fresh!! Have a Happy New Year!

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