Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat…

Do you remember that song? We used to sing it in school growing up (gasp–what? the word Christmas is in that song…). Yes, Christmas is just right around the corner now (or as many in America are fighting for “the seasons” or “holidays”). Well, forget you all–it’s Christmas, so there!! Anyway, sorry it’s been 3 weeks, but I guess with all the Christmas programs we’ve gone to, not to mention having the flu around our house, it’s been a little hectic. Also, sorry, no pictures either. I (Jenn) have not mastered the art of putting the pictures on the blog. Every time I write and try to put the picture on I do something wrong. And everytime I say, “oh, I’ll remember next time.” But lo and behold, I forget. Rick thinks this is hilarious, of course. However, in my defense, my brain was not wired for computer memory skills. I’m lucky that I can write a paper, an e-mail, and this blog! So, sorry Rick, laugh all you want, but unless you are writing this blog, no complaining! ;0)
Christmas is coming–so make sure you get those last minute gifts (amongst the thousands of others crammed into the Wal-mart aisles) and make sure you are wearing a smile on your face!

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