2020 SPS Paper Approved

I received notice this weekend that one of my paper proposals for the 2020 Society for Pentecostal Studies meeting hosted by Vanguard University was approved. Following is the title and brief summary:

“On Ladies, Women-Folk, and Wives’ Tales in 1-2 Kings: A Pentecostal Literary-Theological Retelling”

This study will examine the texts of 1-2 Kings concerning female characters and portrayals toward discerning the various re-presentations of women for the exilic community/ies that preserved these texts. A literary and theological reading of the relevant texts will offer various categories for the types of texts (along the lines of Form Criticism, but with movement toward canonical shaping and placement) and the manner in which female characters are portrayed, described, and engaged. This literary and theological approach seeks to recover ways in which women may have been recast in the exilic period as part of the social and theological memory of the exilic community/ies of Israel and Judah. Such a study is intended to discern some of the complexities of literary characterization/s and their theological significance/s in self-understanding and self-re-presentation. Further, this study proposes several intersections with historical and contemporary re-presentations of women within the Pentecostal tradition/s noting a number of recent publications: E. Alexander and A. Yong (Philip’s Daughters), K. Alexander and J. Bowers (What Pentecostal Women Want), M. de Alminana and L. Olena (Women in Pentecostal and Charismatic Ministry), and J. Qualls (God Forgive Us for Being Women).

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  1. Tyranny Osborne says:

    Congrats! I’m excited to read your work!

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