Lexham Bible Dictionary Articles Published

logo_logos_5At last some of my articles are published. I have had several book chapters “in publication” for several years now, along with several journal articles. Today I opened my Logos software and did a quick search and found that my two articles for the Lexham Bible Dictionary were finally published (one on “Ono” and the other “Hadad-Rimmon”). Hooray!
Thus is the life of publishing…hurry and write…then wait…and wait…
If you have not downloaded the free version of Logos, you should. It comes with a free book every month that they will add to you library along with the Lexham Bible Dictionary which is a MASSIVE scholarly endeavor meant to challenge the likes of the Anchor Bible Dictionary (and yet be completely free).
And perhaps someone will actually read my utterly obscure article contributions. 🙂

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  1. fcjudd says:

    Congratulations, Rick! Both articles are interesting and well written. Just as I would expect from you. 🙂

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