What About Bob?

I’m incredibly proud of my brother Bob (husband, father, missionary, professor, PhD student, programmer) and no less as I read his family update concerning Christmas and life (for now) in Missouri. [The following are his own comments from that letter, which can be read in full HERE]

I had a great holiday break. Visiting family for Christmas I remembered just why I am the way I am. At our first annual family Christmas talent show my Dad played a foil trumpet, my older brother sang holiday songs in both German and Hebrew (but not at the same time), I and two of my brothers performed a dance number from the movie version of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and two of my sisters performed a skit about NPR. The thing about my family is that we only get stranger with age (we’re like cheese or wine that way). I start attending classes again next week, and will be teaching a class, as well as assistant teaching for three other classes. I’m already ready for another break (but am looking forward to the semester nevertheless). I’ve been helping recently at the church in Awanas and children’s church (I say working, but it’s really mostly playing). I wonder if everyone should spend time hanging out with little kids every so often (if not just to remember that the world is bigger and more fun than our little work problems, serious though they seem when we are in them).

[ed: technically it was Yiddish and not Hebrew 😉 and here is a pic of my side of the family…you’ll have to check out my Facebook page for the slightly less serious photo]
Wadholm Family Christmas

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