I Love Iran

Many of you may not yet know about one of the loves of my life: Iran.  I have been passionate about its land and people since I was sixteen.  One of my greatest hopes is to someday live in Iran and live and work among her many peoples.  I’m sure many may think I’m bonkers…especially in the heated political and military climate of our day.  I’ve heard often enough from folks in our country that they would like us to just nuke Iran and be done with them.  I am quick to confront such ignorance  outright stupidity whenever I encounter it.  The Iran we caricature is not the Iran of reality.  It is a land of beauty and ruggedness, welcoming home to more refugees than nearly any other nation on the planet.  It is one of the most educated nations and has one of the largest populations.

So I thought I might share with you a little more about this great land and its people.  With my passion for all things Iranian (despite its faulty linguistic referent according to many) in mind, HERE is an AMAZING set of 51 pictures of the land of Iran.  I doubt you will think of the land the same ever again.  You can find some incredible information on the MANY people groups in Iran HERE by selecting “Iran” for the country pull-down menu. 

With this in mind, please join me in praying for the peace of God in Iran.

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