N. T. Wright Paper Approved

Yesterday I finally was notified that one of my paper proposals for the Society for Pentecostal Studies for the upcoming 2011 meeting in Memphis has been approved!  That’s happy news indeed.  My proposal is (tentatively) titled: “N. T. Wright’s ‘Justification’ and the Cry of the Spirit”.  It is an interaction with Wright’s view of justification (from his book of response to John Piper’s response to him in “The Future of Justification”…talk about having a lot to say to each other).  Essentially I’m arguing that Wright’s pneumatological orientation for justification is helpful (especially for a more robust Pentecostal theology of justification) and will tease this out through expositions of the two Pauline passages (Rom. 8:15 and Gal. 4:6) dealing with the cry of the Spirit, “Abba!”  (any possibility of a plug for the group by the same name…their songs always get stuck in my head 🙂  There will also be some cameos by Gordon Fee in the paper (as he has been saying much the same thing as Wright…though obviously not in full agreement with Wright overall scheme as I understand it).

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  2. Steve,Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave a "comment" (so to speak). Did you actually have anything to say here (concerning NT Wright or justification) or were you just wanting someone to read what you write on your own blog? I note that your blog seems to be less intent on actually presenting the truth and more on denouncing what you believe to not be the truth. That seems to be a rather negative (and narrow) approach.

  3. Dave Peters says:

    Congratulations on having your paper approved! That is a very cool thing to those of us who are un-cool enough to have a vague understanding of what all these guys are talking about. Great reply to the first post- though I don't know if he will see it or read it.

  4. Thanks Dave. I'm not certain if I know what they are talking about either (I guess I'll find out when its Q&A time after I present the paper :-). Yeah, I'm not real sure Steve will be back (but you just never know).

  5. Cale says:

    Rick, I'd like to echo Dave's congratulations! Is there any chance I might get a peek at your paper?

  6. Cale,I'm still in the midst of writing it and doing some further research for it as it appears it may end up being published with the papers of the other presenters of Wright's "Justification" at SPS. If you would like I will certainly get you a copy as soon as I've finished it…if that's alright. Thanks for asking! Blessings brother!

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